Easter Island Heads through a Brancusi Blender: Colossal Chromed Portraits by Not Vital

At Sperone Westwater, through Oct. 4.

The direction of Not Vital’s recent work is well-suited to the slightly futuristic SW space; here amorphous portrait heads cast in highly reflective, gun-metal-toned steel.

Not Vital at Sperone Westwater (photo: 9/19/14)
Not Vital at Sperone Westwater (photo: 9/20/14)

Vital now shares sculptural DNA with Jeff Koons and Anish Kapoor in his pursuit of technological fetish finish.

The requisite, reflected selfie in one of Vital's "heads."
Self in “head” (at Sperone Westwater, 9/20/14).

A group of drawings, ostensibly loose portraits of one subject, depict similarly stretched biomorphic orbs, though rough-hewn, chalky, and matte. Smudges and sometimes tape masking can suggest both auras and a struggle for essential cohesion.

ICYMI in SW’s group show this summer (see post, 8/10/14), Vital’s light-bouncing, pock-marked, Moon (2011) remains on view as an addendum to the portraits, providing insight into his scope of exploration with the medium.

Not Vital, "Moon" (2011; stainless steel)
Not Vital, “Moon” (2011; photo 8/10/14, Sperone Westwater)

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